"Funny Colored Women: Gettin' The Last Laugh" is 75 minutes of pure,* uninterrupted. uproarious standup comedy with a decidedly estrogen and melanin-centric POV. Presented by an eclectic assortment of colorful women comics, they've got a lot to say...and they don't hold back!!! 

     But as different from one another as they may be, these women all have one thing in common -- besides being hilariously funny, that is...and having female body parts (not counting individual body parts separately). They are all joyful, positive, "the glass is half full" kinda women.

     They've all been through "stuff," but they've never let it get 'em down...or slow their roll.  

    So, if you're going through some stuff, this is a show you DEFINITELY wanna see! Just like in that old song:

"Forget your troubles and just get happy...chase all you cares away! "


(L-R: Mariann Aalda, Roxanne Reese, Hermine Wise, Holly Linnea & Rhonda Hansome)


will be performing at the 2017


(A Special Late-Nite Main Stage Production)

JULY 31-AUG 5 in Winston-Salem, NC

Stay tuned for more info & to buy tix...

meanwhile, click on the ladies above for a teaser!


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* Not pure as in "saintly," but as in "absolute, complete, totally perfect." 'Cause these are grown-ass women, after all... so you can most definitely expect some grown-ass conversation!