"Funny Colored Women Gettin' The Last Laugh" is ninety minutes of pure,* uproarious standup comedy...with a decidedly estrogen and melanin-centric POV. Presented by an array of women comics who vary in age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and cultural background, they've got a lot to say at a time when the world needs to hear it!!! 

   But as different from one another as they all may be, these women absolutely have one thing in common...besides being hilariously funny, that is...and maybe having female body parts. (Okay, so that makes THREE possible things they have in common [not counting individual body parts separately]) In any case...they are all joyful, positive, "the glass is always half full" kinda women.

    Yeah, they've all been through "stuff," but they've never let it get them down...or slow their roll.  So, if you're going through your own stuff right now, this is a show you will unquestionably wanna see!!!  

FUNNY COLORED WOMEN: Gettin' the Last Laugh 

​will be performed at the 2017 National Black Theatre Festival In Winston-Salem, NC,

July 31-August 5.

Stay tuned for exact dates & time & a link to buy tickets!!! 


Facebook: FUNNY Colored WOMEN

Instagram: FunnyColoredWomen

Twitter: @BullshitSlayers

Contact:  m.me/FunnyColoredWomen


* Not pure as in "saintly," but as in "absolute, out-and-out, complete, totally perfect." 'Cause these are grown-ass women, after all... so you can most definitely expect some grown-ass conversation!